Monasterio de San Salvador

Monastery founded in 1024 at the initiative of the Infanta Cristina, daughter of the Leonese King Bermuda II. In the 12th century this center was donated to the order of Cluny. In 1536 he became part of the Benedictine order.

From the initial period it preserves a Romanesque arch, corresponding to the so-called Puerta de la Osa. In the church there are several tombs from the Gothic period.

The current cloister dates from the seventeenth century, with two floors. On its main façade, it has a prominent axis, slightly off-center, on the ground floor of which is located the entrance door to the monastery, lintelled (the date of its construction appears here, 1696) and flanked by columns, while on the upper floor there is another, smaller lintel hollow, preceded by a flown balcony, with a wrought iron balustrade. On that balcony a triangular pediment stands out that protrudes from the cornice line, and in which a royal coat of arms is housed.

On each side of this axis there are lines of lintel gaps on the two floors: small square windows on the ground floor and balconies preceded by wrought iron balconies on the upper floor.

After the French occupation, the monastery was confiscated.


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