Small town in the parish of Lago, located at an altitude of 915 meters, in the Sierra del Palo, in an area near which there are abundant remains of ancient Roman mining operations. The name of the town derives from a tunnel of that time that served to transfer water from the Oro river to the Castelo and serve the gold laundries that were located there.

The town is practically uninhabited, preserving the chapel of Santiago, which once belonged to the pilgrims’ hospital in Montefurado.

This center, belonging to the counts of Marcel de Peñalba, had numerous properties, which determined that it was a hospital of great wealth, whose managers, in addition to offering bed and food to pilgrims, had to guarantee the good condition of the roads near the shelter, providing stakes if necessary to guide travelers, and leaving a lit lantern outside the hospital to encourage recognition by pilgrims, having to reach out in extreme cases of fog to shout out to potential pilgrims to guide them on their way.

The old Monterufado hospital was still in operation in the middle of the 19th century.


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