Palacio de los García

Palace developed from a 14th century circular tower, located at the back of the current building (on Calle La Luna, and next to the one that passes the Camino de Santiago). Around the tower there is a construction that presents its main facade towards the main street of Tinéu, looking towards the parish church and the old monastery of San Pelayo.

This main façade has the entrance portal, based on a pointed arch with very marked voussoirs, offset from the axis of the canvas in which it opens. Two lintel windows appear to the right of the ground floor. On the cover appears the shield with the arms of the Tinéu. To the left of the shield there is a double-arched window, supported by small columns and framed by a decorated alfiz. The rest of the gaps in the façade correspond to lintel balconies with wrought iron parapets.

The palace currently houses the House of Culture of Tinéu. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2004.


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