Palace built from a late medieval tower with a square plan and four stories high, around which the palace complex grew, at the eastern end of whose main facade this tower is erected.

It is a quadrangular building with a central courtyard. The main facade of the palace dates from the 16th century and has a ground floor and two floors. The main portal is a semicircular arch with very marked voussoirs, with a shield in its keystone. The rest of the openings on the façade are small. It has a chapel in the body located in the southeast of the construction.

The monumental entrance to the palace is a work attributed to Juan de Cerecedo, and is made up of a large central semicircular arch flanked by turrets topped by a stone pyramid crowned by balls. Above the door there is a frieze with a top in the shape of ball-shaped battlements. In the frieze appears an inscription today illegible and shields with the arms of the Salas, Valdés, Queipo de Llano, Muñón and Bernardo de Quirós families, in addition to others that due to their state of conservation do not allow an ascription.


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