Pola de Allande

Capital of the council of Allande, located at an altitude of 524 meters, with just over half a thousand inhabitants.

It was founded between 1262 and 1268 on the banks of the Nisón River and the Caino de Santiago River.

It has an interesting urban complex, from the heritage point of view, highlighting the buildings of the church of San Andrés, the town hall and various housing developments in India, as well as the great palace of Marcel de Peñalba or Cienfuegos, which dominates from an elevated position for the population as a whole, and which has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Pola de Allande had a royal promotion pilgrim hospital founded at an undetermined time, possibly at the end of the Middle Ages. In the 17th century this center was under the patronage of the Counts of Marcel de Peñalba.


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