Puente de Peñaflor

It is one of the great monumental bridges of Asturias, mentioned for the first time in 1144, although there are theories that trace its origins further back, even to Roman times. It was rebuilt in the 16th century and underwent numerous reforms in later centuries. Among the historical landmarks related to the bridge, the battle that took place on it between Napoleonic soldiers and Asturian troops in 1808 stands out.
The bridge initially had five arches, of which three remain, another having been completely transformed due to the construction of the railway and the other covered by the national highway.
The bridge, of irregular masonry, with ashlars in the threads of the arches and other specific elements, has a rounded profile due to the convergence of two ramps from each end that meet in the central part, on the key of the central arch, the wider and more pointed.


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